esgeee (esgeee) wrote in motspeinture,

#68 - Mr. Robot and Sons of Anarchy icons for 20muses

sons of anarchy - 9 icons
mr. robot - 11 icons

I'd just like to say that this set is insanely weird.  Like there's a kinda complex icon and then just gradient maps.  IDEK.  I'm not super thrilled with this set but it was a great segue back into iconing since it's been so long since I've even opened PS. But, comments are always loved and I'd love some concrit too!

01-05: MONOCHROMATIC - a single hue with different shades
06-10: ANALOGOUS - colors next to each other on the wheel; a primary color and its various shades
11-15: COMPLEMENTARY- 2 colors opposite to each other on the color wheel
16-20: TRIADIC - colors that are evenly spaced around the color wheel

Tags: community: 20muses, tv: mr robot, tv: sons of anarchy
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