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#18 - Neal Caffrey Icons

**spoiler alert: these icons are very, very old and range in levels of badness. I promise that my newer icons are much better.  The sole reason I keep these posts around is so I can see/monitor my own progress **
So, I kind of ran out of time for this set since I forgot I was going on vacation, lol.  But, I really, really like some of them!! It was really hard to just icon one character but somehow, I finished the set in four days :)  I'm still not off the Suits high so I probably should've iconed someone from that show but no, I go and pick Neal Caffrey.

Behold my icons for character20n20, everyone...

Close OTP Curious Dangerous Mysterious No Eyes
Scratchy Silohuette Capture Sorrow The End Unreadable Text

Category: Color Palette
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Artist's Choice
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1 2 3 4 5
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Tags: graphics: icons, tv: white collar
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