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#19 - Multifandom TV and Movies

pll 012 turbo rumble 4 tv show movie lims2
**spoiler alert: these icons are very, very old and range in levels of badness. I promise that my newer icons are much better. The sole reason I keep these posts around is so I can see/monitor my own progress **

I made some icons in August and September and here they are!  Most of the PLL ones were from pll_stillness and the White Collar ones were from my entry for whitecollaric.  I was debating on posting the WC ones since they're not the best but whatever.  I did like a few of them.  I'm still working on making my icons better but obviously, that takes time.  Composition is still not my strong suit and I still love the whole minimalist thing but I'm making a (weak) attempt to move away from it!

TV (Pretty Little Liars, Suits, White Collar, The Originals, The Carrie Diaries,OUAT, Chuck, Sherlock)
pll 004 pll 006 pll 008 pll 001 pll 014 [1-5]
pll 009 pll 010 pll 011 pll 012 pll 015 [6-10]
pll 016 pll 017 pll 018 pll 019 pll 021 [11-15]
pll 020 pll 003 suits 04 suits 03 turbo rumble 4 [16-20]
mood stillness mood stillness2 suits 01 suits 02 whitecollaric [21-25]
whitecollaric7 whitecollaric2 whitecollaric3 whitecollaric4 whitecollaric5 [26-30]
whitecollaric8 sherlock turbo rumble 3 the originals2 the originals [31-35]
the carrie diaries turbo rumbe 02 picasion com 386fe1b14b28bc84d5477c8f4d6e087c [36-38]

Movies (Disney, Thor, Pirates, Divergent, Twilight)
alladin anna frozen lims movie3 pirates20in20 1 pirates20in20 2 [39-43
tv show movie lims tv show movie lims2 tv show movie lims3 Untitled twilight [44-48]

✔ These are not bases. Do not use as your own!
✔ If using, credits are nice.
✔ Feel free to leave constructive criticism or praise.  Concrit is always great so that I can improve.
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